Cofftea: Salon de thé et café

Salon de thé et café

Retrouvez la chaleur du chez soi dans le salon Parisien Cofftea.

Partagez un moment convivial autour de cafés de spécialité torréfiés artisanalement  ainsi que des thés de qualités. Accompagnés les de  pâtisseries réalisées sous vos yeux et plats du jour fait- maison. 

Privation de la salle sur demande et ateliers culinaires.

Salon de thé et café

The spirit of the tea room

Holding a cup of coffee in your hands is above all a moment of warmth and comfort.

It is this spirit of a friendly and warm place that we wanted to rediscover through this coffee and tea room, designed a bit like an apartment living room, to find the intimacy of home.


Its L-shaped interior with the open kitchen as a hub allows two distinct spaces to be seen.

A versatile modern dining space where you work as much as you eat, or even do both at the same time, on high glue-laminated wood tables, spacious benches and good cushions to lean against when needed.

A space more connoted tea room with a more intimate relationship, adorned with paintings, books and objects including barista equipment that we use.

We could split it into three subspaces.

A bubble for groups, a more individualistic bubble and a versatile part at the bottom conducive to settling in with children. Games are ready for them and r ocking flesh (+ changing table, high chair) is available to young mothers.

In this mini lounge area, you can drink your tea or your specialty coffee as well as have lunch the daily specials , comfortably seated on benches and armchairs of the 366 concept brand .

Moving to the 5th arrondissement of Paris and particularly at 8 rue Berthollet was not seen as an insignificant gesture. 

Indeed, it still resonated a little with the activity of the wooden toy store of the Soulignac house which, given its longevity and the character of François Soulignac, has marked many generations. The pressure on our shoulders was therefore great (18 bars) before we started.

Blend into the neighborhood. Is it sufficient?

It is therefore a café that has opened instead, but not another pre-digested chain concept café, but a café that weaves French-style relationships, connected to the people of its neighborhood, as we see it less and less. 

A place that is at the same time modern, in phase with the cosmopolitanism of our capital city and which weaves its relational web in the proximity.

It is true that during the rushes we run right to left and can linger less. It is not uncommon for the Coffteam to linger in discussions, especially in these times of pandemics when some people lack social relations more than usual. 

This is obviously not automatic or a set point but spontaneously, it is not uncommon for a few touches of humor to melt the ice cream, unless it is the steam emanating from the tea kettles .

However, it is often thanks to our open kitchen that the relationship is created. What could be better than being able to talk to the cook about the adaptability of his dishes to your taste.

In complete transparency, you will be able to see the product, observe the assurance of these movements and watch the progress of your dishes if you are waiting to take out.

So it is now no longer rare for us to be able to contemplate the room where most of the people are not anonymous to us, or even almost populated by regulars. Thank you!

Who says regulars …

What are we eating for lunch? An Indian? a Mexican? a Chinese man? we orient our choices most of the time our choices and we have about the dish we expected for lunch. And the cards look the same… over and over again.

At Cofftea, it’s Freestyle food every day!

A little serendipity in the banality of our daily lives:

You come to eat with no idea what to expect with only to reassure you that you will find a choice every day between land, sea or vegetarian dishes.

You will travel to different culinary universes, with a predominantly French cuisine base and recurring Asian influences.

You will find colors of dishes marked by the seasons with many organic or related vegetables always keeping taste as the goal. The origins of the meats are French and the fish is marked by its freshness.

And to decide less adventurous colleagues, Instagram (mirrored at the bottom of the site) is there to convince them. Every day, we publish the menu there around 11am. A good reason to follow us .


The space is experienced differently depending on the time of day , the seasons, the calendar festivals, the weekend or its cultural events

What about coffee in all of this?

We would have forgotten our core business  of specialty coffee “. Roasted by master Ivan Alfaro, 30 years in the business, the green beans come from traced micro-producers tested by specialists at least graded 80 out of 100. 

Ivan Alfaro strives finely to roast the heart of the coffee maker fruit just to the point. Following numerous taste tests to identify the excess cooking ms and to the nearest degree, kilo by kilo, the green grains cook without calcining.

Thus the coffee releases the aroma specific to the Arabica grape variety and not the predominance of roasting.

To make a good coffee, you need a good bean, a good roast, a good grinder , and a good barista to put it to the fullest. 

Our barista spends a long time every morning adjusting the “La Marzocco” espresso machine according to the wines and the taste to be obtained. A lot of effort so that the coffee can reveal to you its acid, bitter and sweet notes in turn.

Enjoy a new coffee every day through our hot, coldbrew or smoothie drinks .

In the afternoon, you can also enjoy the coffee of the day in the gentle V60 method .

The tea left on the date?

Quality will be our success. It is on this adage that we choose the teas brought for your tasting. Sip tea creations like flavorful “leaf” teas from small , delicate dishes

We pay attention to the right water temperature according to the nature of the tea and specify the infusion times.

For a particular audience (mainly made up of Asian initiates), old high-end teas can be served or sold.

Our fresh cold-brewed rooibos and iced teas are made from the same teas. Take a look at the menu of the day .

Is it just like drink?

The hot chocolate is particularly good, made with pastry chocolate and fresh whole milk that we froth a little. Served in generous quantities in large mugs and not too sweet not to disgust you, we also do it with vegetable milk.

Hot chocolate is becoming more and more popular. It may be necessary to rename itself Chocofftea in a while.

In fresh, we have a wide range of artisanal fruit juices produced by Patrick Fontes at affordable prices. View the drinks menu.

Why shop?

Buy Ivan Alfaro’s specialty bean coffees anytime. Traceability and guaranteed freshness. Take advantage of our professional grinders to grind the coffee according to your extraction method

So on ! a new range of teas for sale

Almost everything sells

To escape the boredom of returning to the same place, all  366 furniture and objects are sold, including  crockery, which  constantly transforms the decoration of the place.

Showroom 3 66 concept :

Authorized resellers of these handmade furniture, we can configure your furniture (textiles, wood) on site. Feel materials and appointments account colorimetry your future chair 366 series

All the furniture on the 366 concept site can be configured in the store and a simulator is available on this site depending on the model. All at the same prices as on the 366 site  !

Other painstakingly sourced items or Barista materials   can be purchased without the pressure of consuming and with quality advice (PM). 

We also leave room for artists from the neighborhood or in whom we believe to sell their creations and do some flash sales for calendar holidays or exceptional lots.

Privatizations  : Capacity 30 places max

Restaurant section: 22 high seats

Small lounge: 8 places

The Cofftea room can be privatized in the evenings and at weekends. Organize your birthday snacks , your wedding, a seminar, a conference or other in our tea / coffee room

coftea private 01

Prestations culinaires:

Salé : Entrées sur mesure: Entremets, verrines, brochettes etc

Repas selon vos envies, service en buffet ou à table. Adaptés aussi aux enfants.

Desserts : classiques ou création

Prestations complémentaires:

Nous proposons des modules de formations conviviaux pour ceux désireux de connaître le métier de Barista, de torréfacteur ou de la cuisine créative. Des cessions découvertes peuvent venir en complément de votre réception.

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